Barntown Castle & Tower House

Barntown Castle

1510 Barntown Tower House

References date 1562 when it was held by Walter Roche. It was confiscated from Robert Roche in 1654 (Jeffery 1979, 98-9). Rectangular tower (dims. 7.9m N-S; 6.6m E-W) of three storeys over vaulted ground floor with loft. Vault now destroyed.

Entrance protected by a machicolation, through rebuilt doorway towards N end of the E wall to a destroyed lobby with evidence of a murder-hole.

Ground floor with two lights and remains of a mural stairs gives access through remains doorway to loft with two windows under the destroyed barrel vault and to first floor which had a fireplace in W wall, garderobe at NW angle and three small windows.

Spiral stairs at SE angle, now destroyed, gave access to second floor which has three larger windows, two with seats, garderobe at NW angle and fireplace with projecting flue in W wall.

Spiral stairs continued to third floor which has four opes and on to destroyed walk-wall.

Credit to Moore, MJ (1996) Archaeological Inventory of County Wexford