Adrcandrisk Church, Graveyard & Holy Well

Ardcandrisk Church & Graveyard

Written by Tom and Teresa Wickham

The old parish of Ardcandrisk, together with the parishes of Carrig and Kilbride-Glynn form the present Roman Catholic curacy of Barntown. John O’Donovan, who began his fieldwork for the Ordnance Survey of Ireland in the 1830s, concluded that the name Ardcandrisk is not of ecclesiastical origin but comes from the formation of the locality. In Irish, the name is rendered as Ard Caoinrois, indicating a height above a wooded promontory. Ardcandrisk is situated on the south bank of the river Slaney just north of Ferrycarrig Bridge. The civil parish has nine townlands comprising Ardcandrisk, Ballyeaton, Ballymichael, Ballynaglogh, Ballyvalloge, Bolgerstown, Knockataylor, Muchwood and Polehore.

Ardcandisk Church

The parish church dedicated to St Eusebius surrounded by the ancient graveyard is situated on an elevated site in the Ardcandrisk demesne and is now in a very ruinous state. It consists of nave and choir and measures 56ft by 16ft. The walls built of stone and lime mortar are between two and five feet in height. The chancel or choir was the burial place of the Hore family from earliest times, the last of them interred here was Christopher Hore, implicated in the rebellion of 1641. Other possible burials within the church include those of ‘Nicholas Hore of Pole Hore. Gent.,[who] by his will dated 1628 desires to be buried in the church of Arcanrish’ and ‘Alexander Banyon by Will (at Enniscorthy) dated 1617 describes himself of Archandras, and desires to be buried within this church to which he leaves five shillings to the poor box.’

Rev. Mark Redmond

Born shortly after Cromwellian times (1663) he was ordained on 7 June 1696 at Kilkenny and was parish priest of Ardcandrisk, Carrig and Kilbride from 1696 to 1718. He resided at Barntown under the protection of the Devereux family. His securities were Dudley Colclough of Duffrey Hall and Caesar Colclough of Rosegarland. His tombstone in Adamstown graveyard bears the inscription: Rev Mark Redmond died August 14, 1747 aged 84 years. His nephew, Rev. Patrick Redmond served as parish priest in the area from 1759 to 1766. His grave, marked by a headstone, is in Ardcandrisk graveyard.

The graveyard

The graveyard originally surrounded by a stone wall, part of which is intact, dates back to ancient times. In the turbulent days of the 1798 insurrection many of the tombstones were destroyed which hinders research of pre rebellion burials. Victims of the insurrection including the Redmond brothers and many bodies retrieved from the river Slaney were interred here in unmarked graves. A fine headstone marks the resting place of Nicholas and Martin Crosbie who were shot dead by British soldiers at Foulkesmills on 26 June 1798.

In 1998 the centenary year of the insurrection, a memorial stone presented by the Three Rocks Pike Group to commemorate the victims of the rebellion was inserted in the church wall.

Pattern Day

In earlier times the annual pattern was held here on 15 December. In recent years the date was changed to a Sunday in early August when the weather would likely be more suitable for the celebration of open air Mass, local people and those who have family affinity with the parish congregate to pray for the dead, renew old acquaintances and enjoy light refreshments provided by local families in a very convivial atmosphere.

The holy well

The holy well noted in Thomas Lacy’s account is situated in the right side of the lane leading to the church and graveyard. It is an ancient place of pilgrimage and is visited by people seeking a cure for eye problems and headaches. In past years it was shaded by white thorn trees and votive offerings of coloured pieces of cloth were traditionally placed on the trees. Today a holly tree shadows the well and offerings of coloured ribbon, medals and rosary beads adorn the tree. A number of small statues placed on the lower level are religious additions. The original pattern was abandoned around 1790 and was revived by Canon Patrick Murphy P.P. Glynn in the 1930s. Traditionally nine visits to the well were made and three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three ‘Glory be’ prayers were recited at each visit.

St Eusebius, bishop and martyr

St Eusebius, the patron saint of the church and the holy well, was born in Sardinia in 286 at the time of the Arian heresy. At a young age he left his native island to consecrate himself to God and to spreading the Christian Faith. He was consecrated Bishop of Vercelli in Italy on 15 December 345. He underwent numerous persecutions and was for many years an exile from his bishopric. He died at Vercelli on 1August 371. On account of his trials and sufferings and his intrepidity before death, the Church conferred on him the title of martyr although he did not shed his blood. His feast day falls on 2 August.

Ardcandrisk Gravestone Inscriptions

The following inscriptions were recorded in 2015. It was difficult to decipher and transcribe the inscriptions on many of the older headstones and some were partly below ground level.


Here lies ye body of Margaret Armstrong alias Redmond depd Jan 4th 1784 aged 47.

Atkins – see Murphy


In loving memory Thomas Bishop, Park, who died 9 July 1892/ and his wife Elizabeth died 27 Jan 1927/ their son Frank died 2 Apr 1945/also Johanna died 19 March 1963.


In loving memory of Catherine Broaders died 17 Oct. 1957 aged 66 years/ her husband, Patrick Broaders died 15 Oct 1967 aged 85 years.


In loving memory of Noreen Broaders Ardcandrisk died 12 May 1972 aged 60 years/ also her husband Michael (Bossie) Broaders died 13 March 1995 aged 85 years.

Cardiff – see Redmond 2a


Here lies the body of John Coleman who depd this life Dec. 27th 1845 aged 70 years/ also his son Richard Coleman who depd this life Feb. 8th 1855 aged 42 years.


In loving memory of Kate Connolly Keelogues died 5 March 1949 aged 56 years/ and her son Nicholas died young/ her husband John died 8 March 1966.


Baby Sean Connolly

Corcoran – see Crosbie (b).

Cowman: (Altar tomb)

Of your charity pray for the soul of John Cowman of Knocktaylor who departed this life July 20 1830 aged 27 years/ also his sister Elizabeth Cowman who departed this life January 24 1840 aged 24 years/ also their brother Luke Cowman who departed this life December 10th 1846 aged 36 years/ also their mother Catherine Cowman alias Cullen who departed this life February 3rd 1851 aged 71 years.

Here also are interred the remains of their father Philip Cowman of Ballygoman who departed this life April 18 1857 aged 55 years/ also Johanna Agnes Cowman daughter of the said Philip who departed this life July 16 1861 aged 12 years/ also Johanna daughter of the above Catherine Cowman Knocktaylor died March 23rd 1882 aged 82 years/ also Elizabeth wife of Philip Cowman died Oct 26th 1884 aged 74 years/ and their daughter Catherine Cowman died Feb 9th 1919 aged 76 years


(a) Erected to the memory of John Crosbie of Ballinglee who died May 6th 1874 aged 75 years/ also his father John Crosbie who died March 8th 1826 aged 70 years/ also his mother Catherine Crosbie how died Nov 16th 1852 aged 75 years/ also his son James Crosbie who died 31st October 1885 aged 47 years/ also his wife Mary Crosbie who died 29th April 1888 aged 74 years.

(b) In memory of John and Mary Crosbie Ballinglee/ also Elizabeth Corcoran died July 12th 1912 aged 72 years.

(c) Here lieth the body of Nicholas Crosbie departed 26th June 1798 aged 70 years/ also the body of Martin Crosbie who died the same day aged 26 years.

(d) Denis James Crosbie The Farmhouse Foulksmills died 15 July 1973 aged 69 years/ and his wife Joan Brett died 30 Jan 2013 aged 97 years.

(e) Of your charity pray for the soul of Ellen Crosbie of Haresmead who died on the 25th May 1850 aged 18 years/ also her father Nicholas Crosbie who died 12th May 1871 aged 65 years/ his wife Catherine Crosbie who died 3rd October 1885 aged 76 years/ also his son John Crosbie who died 8th June 1888 aged 48 years/ also his son Richard Crosbie who died at Haresmead 11th February 1898 aged 65 years/ also his daughter Bridget died 17th June 1926 aged 88 yrs.

Crosbie – see Lacey

Cullen – see Cowman

Cullen – see Moore


(a) Of your charity pray for the soul of Elizabeth Cullen alias Stafford of Polehore who depd this life Sept 12th 1847 aged 42 years/ also her husband William Cullen who depd this life June 1st 1854 aged 68 years/ also their son Bartholomew Cullen who died Nov. 4th 1894 aged 65 years.

(b) Erected by Stephen Cullin of Poulhore in memory of his father Bartholomew Cullin who departed this life 16 Nov 1815 aged 66 yrs/ also his brother Robert Cullin depd. 20 Nov 1811 aged 21.


Erected by Ellen Cullen in memory of her husband Patrick Cullen who died January 30 1881 aged 67 years.


Margaret Cullen died July 1st 1792 aged 12 years/ and her mother Elizabeth died June 26 1811 aged 61 years.

Cullin – see Doyle (c)

Cullin – see Cullen (b)


Erected by John Cullin of Wexford in memory of his wife Mary who depd this life May 27 1846 aged 65 years.


Cherished memories of a loving husband father & grandfather William (Bill) Curtis Ardcandrisk, 18-12-1918 – 4-9-2004.


(a) Erected by James Doyle of Bagnalstown in memory of his father Patrick Doyle of Crandaniel who died June 1840/ also his mother Mary Doyle who died May 1840.

(b) In memory of James Doyle died April 5th 1861 aged 70 years.

(c) Erected by Catherine Cullin Wexford in memory of her mother Anne Doyle who depd this life May 17th 1853 aged 56 years.


Erected by Statia Doyle in memory of her mother Mary Dowd Glenview died 8 March 1912 aged 42/ also her son died 6 June 1912 aged 21/ also Margaret Dowd died November 1926 aged 62.


In proud and loving memory of volunteer Thomas Fielding South Wex. Brigade I.R.A. died 1918 aged 26 years. Erected by Wexford Republican Graves Association.


Here lieth the body of Mary An Furlong who departed…….


Here lieth the body of Bartholomew Hore who depd this life August 3 1790 aged 68 years.


In loving memory of Thomas Kavanagh who died Sept. 30 1899.


Erected by Ellen Kinsella of Baronstown in memory of her husband James Kinsella who depd this life Feb. 12 1864 aged 69 years/ also her daughter Anne Kinsella who depd this life Sept. 10 1844 aged 19 years.


Bridget Lacey nee Crosbie Arnestown.


Erected by Bridget Lambert of Wexford in memory of her husband John Lambert who depd this life August 17th 1859 aged 50 years/ also her beloved son John Lambert who depd this life April 17 1845 aged 10 years.


Erected by Margaret Mary Larkin in affectionate remembrance of her dear father John Larkin died Nov 16 1893 aged 64 years/ also her mother Mary Larkin died Dec 24 1901 aged 54 years/ also her brother Patrick Joseph Larkin died Aug 25th 1879 aged 3 years and 5 months.


In loving memory of Simon Little of Cullentra who died Christmas Day A.D. 1883 aged 74 years.


Erected by Catherine McNamara Poulhore in memory of her husband John McNamara who departed this life December 29 1821 aged 44 years.


In loving memory of Annie Moore nee Cullen Sparrowsland died 4 April 1933 aged 35/ also her children John, Mary, and Joseph died in infancy/ and her husband Patrick Joseph died 12 Jan 1968 aged 74.


In loving memory of Margaret Ann Moore Colestown Barntown died 4th March 1961 aged 72/ and her son Aidan died in infancy/ also her husband James died 5th March 1975 aged 83.


(a) Here lies the body of James Murphy who depd this life May 1807 aged 76 years.

(b) Here lieth the body of Michael Murphy who depd July 20th 1802 aged 24/ also his sister Mary Murphy who depd March 23 1790 aged 25 years.


(a) Here lieth the body of William Redmond of Harvestown who depd this life March 1st 1807, aged 72 years/ also of his wife Elizabeth Redmond alias Cardiff who depd this life on 19th February 1823 aged 71 years.

(b) Elizabeth Redmond of Harvestown late of Taghmon who died on the 27th October 1830 aged 38/ also her sister Margaret Redmond of Harvestown late of Taghmon who died on … Oct. 1833 aged…./also Mary Redmond Harvestown late of Taghmon died 8th September 1836 aged 31 years/ also Bridget Redmond Harvestown late of Taghmon died 15 May 1843 aged 50 years.


In loving memory of John Shannon Keelogues Barntown died 13 Oct, 1984 aged 57/ also his son Peter died in infancy.


Erected by Frances Sinnott in loving memory of her husband Thomas Sinnott Ballygoman depd this life April 6 1931 aged 38/ also his son Thomas died July 9 1924 aged 1 month/ also his daughter Frances 30 Oct 1929 aged 8 months.


Here lieth the body of William Skellin who died July 9th 1770 aged 34 years.

Stafford – see Cullen (a)


In loving memory of Leonard Stone who died July 8 1911 aged 13 years.


In loving memory of Henry Stone Ballygoman died 12 March 1967 aged 81/and his parents/ and his wife Mary died 4 March 1974 aged 72.


Erected by John Sutton Wexford in memory of his father and mother brother and sister/ also his son John Joseph died 2 July 1893 aged 22 years/ also his wife Anastatia died 12 Jan, 1914 aged 74/ the above John Sutton died 11 Feb. 1921 aged 79 years.


In loving memory of Denis Tubbs Ardcandrisk died Nov. 3 1918 aged 69 years.


Here lieth the remains of Catherine Walsh who depd this life Oct 12th 1830 aged 65 years.


In loving memory of Mary Ann Whelan Ballygoman 13 Sept 1916 – 28 April 1997/ and her son Richard who died in infancy.



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Our thanks to: Michael Dempsey, Wexford County Library; Jane Wickham Devane; Alice Wickham McIntyre.