Community Life

Photos below are of people & places, past and present in the Community of Barntown

With the help and input from the community is proposed to continue to add to this section. We would love your old photos with names of who is in them, year and where they are taken (if possible). Please send to  By doing so you are giving consent for the photos to appear on this web-site and to be listed in search results.

Mrs Commerford of Barntown

1. Mrs Commerford of Barntown (open to correction) –  Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle        

2. Sergeant John O Leary from the Cools of the R.I.C. standing outside the old post office/shop/school at the bottom of Mahons lane. The old piers still remain. – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

3. Bob Cooney – Standing outside his house in Barntown Village in the 1980’s. It appears that Mary Dempsey is keeping an eye on him in the background.

4. Pat Brazzill, Mick Stafford and Maurice Redmond out for a jar – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

5. Believed to be school teacher Dan Ryan and who used to live in Cromwells cottage in Ballygoman. – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

6. Peter Mahon and Nan Doyle on their Wedding day both of Barntown PO – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

7. Esmonds house which once stood proudly in Ballyhine lane  – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

8. The late Maura Mahon of Barntown Post Office – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

9. ANNIE MAHON Barntown P.O. 1897-1968 – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

10. Fr Cleary with a Communion Class in Barntown 19?? – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

11. Eugene Curtin former principal of Barntown School and his Daughter – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

12. Mary Joe Fitzhenry of the famous Mary Joes LARKINS of Larkins Cross – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

13. Maura Mahon, Barntown with one of her many Greyhounds taken around 1960’s – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

14. Rev P. Browne curate Barntown 1932 till his death 1944 RIP – Photo kindly provided by Tom Doyle

15. Mick Stafford

16. Outside Wexford train station 1954 from left Jim Lacey , John Doyle snr cools, his sons Phil Doyle, Jim Doyle and Jack Dowd all from Barntown

17. Barntown School students 1950’s

18. Anna Murphy the Street Barntown 1940’s

19. Patrick Doyle(RED PAT)Dairy lane and Anna Murphy, The Street Barntown on their wedding day in Bristol early 1950’s

20. Back from left first and second unknown Mrs Mahon her sister Gretta Doyle front Maura Mahon and Phyllis Mahon.

21. Neill (Pecker) Brazzill and seen in the background Joe Turner, Roger Doyle and Michael Brazzill in Enniscorthy Town 1998

22. Barntown Community Centre Board Meeting 1980

23. Old Parish School (1871-1954) previously located at the Rear of St Alphonsus Church (Now demolished)

24. From left Jack O Dowd John O Mara snr Nick Doyle Phil Doyle ANO ,Michael Fardy Lil o Mara Jack Doyle Loughlin Gannon and  ano 1950  on wedding day of Angela Doyle and John 0 Mara jnr – Outside Doyles House in Cools 

25. Patty Lacey Barntown

26. Margaret Stafford, Ballyhine, Barntown

27. Thomas Stafford, Ballyhine, Barntown

28. Francis Sheil, Ballyhine, Barntown

29. Edward Woods, Kingsford, Barntown

30. Jim Doyle, Barntown Village

31. Mary Doyle

32. Maura Mahon, Anne O Dowd?? and Mick  Stafford