Community Life (4)

1. Patrick Doyle (Red Pat) of Dairy Lane, and Anna Murphy of The Street, Barntown, on their wedding day in Bristol in the early 1950s.

2.Back row (L to R), first 2 unknown, Mrs Mahon and her sister Gretta Doyle. Front row (L to R), Maura Mahon, Phyllis Mahon.

3. Neill “Pecker” Brazzill and, in the background, Joe Turner, Roger Doyle, and Michael Brazzill. Enniscorthy Town, 1998.

4. Barntown Community Centre board meeting 1980

5. Old Parish School, 1871 to 1954, previously located to the rear of St Alphonsus Church but now demolished.

6. (L to R) Jack O’Dowd, John O’Mara Snr, Nick Doyle, Phil Doyle ANO, Micheal Fardy, Lil O’Mara, Jack Doyle, Loughlin Gannon, The wedding day of Angela Doyle and John O’Mara Jnr. Outside Doyles House in Cools.