Walking Trails

Forth Mountain Rocks

The areas of Barntown and Forth Mountain are fortunate to have two established walking trails. The trails provide excellent views of the surrounding countryside and on a clear day you can see counties Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Wicklow and Waterford. Both trails route through Forth Mountain a rock outcrop rising to a height of 780 feet (235m) just south west of Wexford town. No other mountain in Ireland can boast of 500-600 million-year-old rock, a pivotal location in the 1798 Rebellion, the remains of houses built in the early 1900s, a grotto, listed monuments and a climb of almost 235m.

The main tree species in the forest areas are the sitka spruce, lodgepole pine and japanese larch. Other flora includes heather, heath and furze, these are beautiful in Autumn when they turn to purple and gold colours, which incidentally are the Wexford County colours. The area is also rich in wildlife, from a variety of bird species to the common lizards and from rare snails to butterflies.

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Forth Mountain Trail

Three Rocks Trail